Argania Spinosa

Argania Spinosa vitalizes and protects skin stem cells, enabling them to maintain their regenerating potential, diminish fine lines and reinforce skin’s youthful appearance. 

Argania Spinosa

Argania Spinosa is is the botanical name of the Argan Tree which grows exclusively in the southwest corner of Morocco. It actually belongs to the oldest tree species in the world and has been around for 80 Million years (this is when the dinosaurs roamed the earth!). The Argan trees are able to resist extremely high temperatures – during a prolonged drought the trees dry out and remain in a state of dormancy for several years. When the humidity levels rise though it suddenly comes back to life. Skin is subject to a continuous regeneration process.  The ability of adult stem cells to self-renew and generate new skin cells is imperative for skin tissue regeneration. However, as we age the regenerative process of the skin slows down and the skin loses its elasticity and firmness – often with the formation of wrinkles. It wasn’t until 2009 that the stem cell reservoir in the dermis (lower level of the skin) was discovered. Argania Spinosa vitalizes and protects these dermal stem cells, enabling them to maintain their regenerating potential thereby reinforcing skin’s youthful appearance. DermalStemCells
Because the Argan tree is actually rare and endangered species, only a very small part of the plant is used when taking the extract. After careful winding of the sprouts to form a callus, this tissue is then grown in the lab in liquid cultures. It provides cell protection and rejuvenation – revitalizing the natural anti-aging processes at the source of where wrinkles begin.

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