Never Say Die Beauty

They say write what you know. I’m sure I must have been born wearing mascara and lipstick, so a beauty blog is a natural fit for me. However, some say that a beauty blog targeted to Baby Boomers and the leading edge of Gen X doesn’t make sense, as they are already entrenched in their purchase and product usage habits. I say baloney to that!

A few years ago, I worked as a focus group moderator for a major cosmetics manufacturer on the launch of a new skincare and makeup brand targeted to “older” women. I helped them get feedback from Boomer women on some of the new products in the line and on the launch advertising. The products were specially formulated for drier skin and had clever light particles to give the illusion of smoother skin. I loved the products that I tried! Nevertheless, the recession hit, the company pulled the plug on the brand and gave up on targeting that group of women with unique products. Too bad.