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Breakthrough Beauty ScienceThe fast-paced advances in skin care have introduced breakthrough beauty science. With so many new products to choose from, it is hard to decide what to keep and what to toss. Among what seems like an ocean of serums, creams and a growing list of procedures available to fight aging, Bellatorra Skin Care CEO Nathan Halsey has developed a luxury line of anti-aging products. Utilizing the newest discoveries in breakthrough beauty science, Bellatorra combats the causes of aging skin from within.

From BB creams that claim to be an all-in-one solution for skin care to peptides that are revered for their anti-wrinkle power, the hottest trends in skin care have women rushing to department store cosmetic counters and drugstores searching for anything that will reverse the signs of aging. Unfortunately, what many consumers do not realize is that skin care is far more complex than applying an all-in-one solution. In fact, there is not a single ingredient that can reverse the signs of aging or prevent the hands of time from ticking. Skin Care itself is an ongoing process that should be approached not only topically but beneath the surface as well. Because of the numerous factors that affect how the skin ages both internally and extrinsically, health, wellness, lifestyle, and genetics should all be considered when evaluating your individual skin care needs.

Torra48 Breakthrough Beauty Science

Nathan Halsey developed Bellatorra with wellness and timing in mind. Bellatorra Skin Care products are formulated with complex pairings using natural ingredients proven to reduce the signs of aging while preventing additional damage to the skin cells. Because timing is everything, Nathan Halsey and his team of scientists innovated an advanced delivery system designed to harmonize with the skin’s 24-hour cycle. A formulation of nourishing active ingredients are distributed through out the deepest layers of the skin inside Bellatorra’s bellasphere. The bellasphere, a micro-capsule, breaks down through a time-released transport system known as Torra48. Torra48 along with the bellasphere complex provides maximum benefit within 24 hours while continuing to work within the skin as the cycle restarts.

Instead of an all-in-one solution as breakthrough beauty science trends have claimed, Bellatorra introduces a complete system designed to work day and night. Enriched with ingredients such as Argania Spinosa, Prickly Pear, Vitamin C, Olive Leaf Extract, and Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit Extracts, Bellatorra luxury skin care products rejuvenate the skin. The Paraben-free line plumps, firms, and uplifts the skin while protecting it against free-radicals. Providing an anti-aging skin care alternative to invasive procedures, Bellatorra reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles while revitalizing the cells and stimulating new turnover.

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