Rejuvenate Your Skin with Fruit Extracts

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Fruit Extracts

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Fruit Extracts

Fruit extracts are derived from the raw materials of fruits. They are removed from the fruit using a liquid solution, causing them to dissolve. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and flowers are often extracted because of their aromatic properties and flavor. It is possible to rejuvenate your skin with fruit extracts as they are found in many different skin care products. Shampoos, lotions, supplements, and facial creams often include fruit extracts because of their many benefits. Fruit extracts and plant extracts have long been used to treat a number of skin and health conditions. Bellatorra, developed by CEO Nathan Halsey, uncovers the power of fruit and plant extracts inside of its unique skin care science. With Bellatorra’s luxury skin care collection, you can rejuvenate your skin with fruit extracts while enjoying the benefits of a long-lasting anti-aging treatment.

Many different fruit extracts have been proven effective in anti-aging skin care science. Ingredients such as Malus Domestica, and Citrus have been found in health and beauty products. Bellatorra Skin Care, introduced by Nathan Halsey consists of a luxury line of products designed with fruit extracts tested and proven to reduce the signs of aging while providing additional benefits. While you can rejuvenate your skin with fruit extracts, you can also expect that the longevity of the skin cells will increase with consistent use. When paired with additional natural ingredients, the power behind Bellatorra’ products are second to none. From benefits such as increased hydration, greater elasticity, and minimal fine lines and wrinkles, fruit extracts are indeed a healthy alternative to obtaining noticeable anti-aging results.

Nathan Halsey Introduces Bellatorra Cellular Renewal Complex

The Cellular Renewal Complex from Bellatorra is a moisturizer created by Nathan Halsey. The Cellular Renewal Complex reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating the skin and preventing damage from the environment. In addition to inflammation reducing ingredients and collagen boosting ingredients such as Retinyl, The Cellular Renewal Complex from Bellatorra includes Prickly Pear Extract and Malus Domestica Sprout Cell Culture.

The Prickly Pear Extract found inside of Bellatorra Cellular Renewal Complex has been found to offer a number of benefits that date back to ancient times. Rich in nutrients the Prickly Pear has been used as an ointment for skin conditions. It has also been revered as a strong anti-oxidant and moisturizer. Malus Domestica Sprout Cell Culture (Apple Tree) has been found to be effective in rejuvenating the stem cells. Combined with the other powerful ingredients found inside of the Cellular Renewal Complex, the advanced skin care moisturizer innovated by Nathan Halsey and his team is a breakthrough in skin care science. Rejuvenate your skin with fruit extracts found in Bellatorra Cellular Renewal Complex. It is never too late to begin your journey to beautiful, younger looking skin.

by Jane Ambrose

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