The Beauty of Nanosphere Science

The Beauty of Nanosphere Science Revealed, Bellatorra Skin Care

The Beauty of Nanosphere ScienceNanosphere technology has found its way into the world of beauty and skin care. Scientists have discovered that things unseen by the naked eye can produce visible results, particularly when it comes to anti-aging science. The beauty of nanosphere science is now able to be experienced with Bellatorra Skin Care, a luxury anti-aging line developed by company CEO Nathan Halsey. Bellatorra is unique because it uses a patent-pending delivery system to target the causes of aging at the cellular level using the advanced power of nanosphere technology.

Nanotechnology involves the capability to see and manipulate atoms and molecules that cannot normally be seen with the naked eye. The scientific advancement can be found in applications such as engineering , physics, chemistry and biology. In skin care science, nanotechnology has been used to create proprietary blends of active ingredients encapsulated inside of nanospheres. The nanospheres behave much like the cells inside of the skin and therefore interact with targeted treatments. Nanospheres provide an ideal housing for active ingredients such as plant and fruit extracts as found inside of Bellatorras unique bellasphere complex.

The size of the nanosphere, or bellasphere in the case of Bellatorra allows active ingredients to be transported efficiently beneath the layers of the skin and into its matrix. The size of the spheres penetrate the skin easier and can tolerate a number of powerful ingredients. Because of of the ability to deliver targeted treatment while mirroring the skin cells, the beauty of nanosphere science has delivered favorable results in anti-aging skin care advancements. The Bellasphere complex reverses the signs of aging at the cellular level where there the causes of aging originate.

Bellatorra-The Beauty of Nanosphere Science Explained

In Bellatorra’s Cellular Renewal Complex, Uplifting Activating Mist, and Anti-Aging Eye Cream, bellaspheres contain botanicals, fruit extracts, vitamins and minerals formulated to diminish wrinkles, firm the skin, stimulate collagen, and promote cellular turn-over. The nanoparticles designed by Nathan Halsey consist of purified, natural ingredients that target aging in a bio-compatible complex. A delivery system innovated by Nathan Halsey called Torra48 transports the bellaspheres through the skin matrix in a 2-phase cycle that functions in harmony with the skin’s natural rhythm.

Within 24-hours of applying one of Bellatorra’s unique luxury treatments, maximum absorption is sustained and peak potency is reached. The cycle, penetrating the skin at just the right rate, provides additional benefits that extend far beyond erasing lines and wrinkles. The ingredients found in Bellatorra have been shown to block oxidative damage and the effects of environmental stressors. The sustained delivery hydrates and moisturizes the skin so that targeted treatments can work efficiently for maximum results.

by Jane Ambrose

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