Aging-Understanding the Skin Cycle

Understanding the Skin Cycle

Understanding The Skin CycleAs the body matures, the rate at which the skin cells repair themselves deceases significantly. The decreased flow of blood in the body impacts the ability of oxygen to circulate throughout the blood to the cells. As a result, the skin’s cells are unable to repair themselves and be replaced with new ones efficiently. Understanding the skin cycle can help to identify the causes of aging and what methods are best to treat aging skin.

Understanding the Skin Cycle, Bellatorra

Older skin cells remain on the surface of the skin as cellular turnover decreases. As we age, the skin may become dull and show several signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. The skin may also become less smooth as it gains contour from scarring and breakouts on the surface, causing it to appear much older than it actually is. The skin is always undergoing repair, removing old cells and working to create new ones. Bellatorra Skin Care introduced by Nathan Halsey, works alongside the skin’s natural rhythm to treat the signs of aging and prevent future damage as its protective layer is restored.

Inside the layers of the epidermis, the newest cells are generated in the basal layer. The cells travel to the surface of the skin known as the epidermis, where older cells are being naturally exfoliated. This is an ongoing process that never ends; dead skin cells are constantly being replaced by newer ones but as the body ages this process does not happen as quickly. Genetics, health, diet, and environmental factors can influence how quickly or slowly the skin will age over time but understanding the skin cycle and what it means to your anti-aging regimen will help you to decide what treatments are most efficient and effective.

Bellatorra Skin Care provides long-lasting treatment and prevention for the effects of aging. Lines and wrinkles are diminished as nutrient-rich ingredients are delivered deep within the skin cells. From firming and toning to softening and moisturizing, Bellatorra reverses the signs of aging by treating the skin within and protecting it from environmental stressors, free-radicals, and UV damage. Understanding the skin cycle, Bellatorra CEO Nathan Halsey developed the exclusive Torra48 delivery system which works with the skin’s 24-hour repair cycle to introduce just the right amount of potent ingredients at just the right rate to provide lasting effects with added benefits. Powerful ingredients are encapsulated inside of the Malacella and Olucanza bellasphere, a nanosphere containing vitamins, minerals, fruit, and plant stem cells formulated to reverse the signs of aging.

What’s Inside Bellatorra Olucanza and Malacella, Developed by Nathan Halsey

The Malacella bellasphere in the Uplifting Activating Mist is formulated with Malachite Extract and Acmella oleracea. The complex relaxes muscle tension in the face while reducing wrinkles. The effects are similar to those found with Botox.

The Olucanza bellasphere inside of the Cellular Renewal Complex Moisturizer is formulated with Olive Leaf Extract, Prickly Pear Extract, Zinc PCA & Vitamin C. The moisturizer diminishes lines and wrinkles while smoothing the skin and preventing the formation of melanin.

Inside of the bellasphere, key ingredients are delivered to treat and prevent the signs of aging intrinsically and extrinsically. As the nanospheres are broken down, they synch with the natural rhythm of the skin for maximum benefit.

by Jane Ambrose

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