5 Tips for Healthy Skin

5 Tips for Healthy Skin, Bellatorra Luxury Skin Care Treatments

5 Tips for Healthy Skin Healthy skin provides numerous benefits for the body, both inside and out. Maintaining healthy skin will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, keep your skin well hydrated, and keep you looking your best all year long. If you do not have a regular skin care regimen, now is a great time to kick your healthy skin care plan into gear. Check out 5 tips for healthy skin from Bellatorra Skin Care introduced by CEO Nathan Halsey.

5 Tips for Healthy Skin, Easy Ideas for Daily Care

  1. Wash your skin twice a day with a gentle cleanser. The Bellatorra Skin Care Anti-Aging Facial Wash will refresh your face with natural botanicals and AHAs. Using a multi-dimensional cleanser such as this one developed by Nathan Halsey will provide several different benefits that will combat the skin from damage and aging. The facial cleanser will remove make-up, exfoliate dirt, remove impurities, hydrate the skin, and block out free-radical damage.

Olucanza and Malacella bellasphere technology delivered

2. Moisturizing in the morning and in the evening will help to keep the skin well-hydrated. Keeping the skin moist will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Moisturizers also help the skin to absorb targeted anti-aging treatments formulated for the eyes, neck, and face. After several years of research Nathan Halsey developed the bellasphere technology found in the Uplifting Activating Mist, Anti-Aging Eye Cream, and Cellular Renewal Complex Moisturizer. Malacella and Olucanza bellasphere complexes are formulated with natural anti-aging ingredients that are powerful and effective. The ingredients are encapsulated inside of the bellasphere are delivered through Torra48, a Nathan Halsey innovation in time-released skin care science. The Malacella and Olucanza bellaspheres are broken down over 48-hours to provide optimal skin benefits.

3. Protect the skin daily using a broad-spectrum sunscreen. UV rays from the sun are responsible for causing premature aging of the skin. Using a sunscreen of SPF30 or greater will protect your skin from the harsh effects of sun exposure. Lines, wrinkles, and age spots can be prevented if the skin is well-protected from free-radical damage.

4. Maintain a balanced diet. Part of your skin care routine should include a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. Avoiding foods that can aggravate skin conditions is a must to avoid a breakdown in the skin’s most important tissue. Foods contain many of the ingredients found to prevent the signs of aging such as Vitamin A, beta-carotene/">Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, and may fruits, vegetables, and nuts are rich in antioxidants.

5. Cleanse impurities by drinking water several times per day. Dehydration is another cause for aging skin. Properly hydrated skin diminishes the signs of aging while removing impurities that cause breakouts from the body. Keep water handy throughout the day. If the idea of drinking water is not thrilling, try adding a slice of lemon for added taste. Avoid frequent consumption of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages as they can further dehydrate the body.

by Jane Ambrose

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