Benefits of Time-Released Nutrients in Anti-Aging

time-released nutrientsBellatorra Skin Care, innovated by Nathan Halsey captures the benefits of time-released nutrients with an advanced care science. The luxury anti-aging skin care collection from the prestige beauty brand encapsulates minerals, botanicals, vitamins, and plant stem cells into a concentrated formula designed to treat aging from where it begins, within. The Cellular Renewal Complex Moisturizer, Uplifting Activating Mist, and Anti-Aging Eye Cream, all deliver the benefits of time-released nutrients deep into the skin cells using a unique technology developed by Nathan Halsey.

The collection of exquisite treatments by Bellatorra were developed with perfect pairings, perfect timing, and perfect skin in mind. Key ingredient complexes are delivered through Torra48, a scientific advancement developed by CEO, Nathan Halsey. Torra48 works with the dynamic skin cycles to enable nutrient absorption at the appropriate rate. The ingredients are encapsulated within the bellasphere complex, the building block of Torra48. Explore what is inside two of Bellatorra’s luxury formula complexes, designed to help you along your anti-aging skin care journey…

The Benefits of Time-Released Anti-Aging Nutrients in Bellatorra

Bellatorra Cellular Renewal Complex Moisturizer

The Cellular Renewal Complex is an Advanced Facial Moisturizer formulated with the Olucanza bellasphere complex. Olucanza, a proprietary blend includes the following ingredients.

Olive Leaf Extract

Prickly Pear

Zinc PCA

Vitamin C

Time-Released Anti-Aging Science…bellasphere complex

The Olucanza bellasphere complex is broken down slowly through the Torra48 delivery system, providing maximum benefit 24-hours after the initial application and sustaining it as the skin repair cycle repeats. The benefits of time-released nutrients in the moisturizer include:

a reduction in lines and wrinkles

correction of uneven pigment

increased hydration

protection against environmental damage

The Uplifting Activating Mist

As an Intense Lifting and Firming solution, the Uplifting Activating Mist by Bellatorra is a painless alternative to Botox. The mist is developed with the Malacella bellasphere complex, also delivered through the Torra48 system. Key active ingredients found in the Malacella bellasphere complex include:

Acmella oleracea

Malachite Extract

Malacella bellaspheres provide time-released nutrients with anti-aging activity that uplift and firm the face. Additional benefits include:

reduced muscle tension

calming and soothing the skin

combats free-radicals

soothes irritation

The time-released anti-aging treatments from Bellatorra enable your skin cells to absorb concentrated ingredients that will heal and protect your skin from damage. Benefits can be achieved on the surface and within as key ingredients target the causes of aging and reversing the hands of time for healthier skin.

by Jane Ambrose

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