Long-Term Anti-Aging Benefits

Long-Term Anti-Aging Benefits, a Path to Younger Skin

Long-term anti-aging benefits The secret to youthful skin may be found where you least expect it. Nathan Halsey discovered that the path to younger skin can be found through time. Although time brings about visible changes on the surface of the face, digging deeper within the cells may reveal just what causes aging and how to take control of its progression. Unlocking the skin’s ability to repair the signs of aging is more complex than lathering on a thick emollient. The skin is one of the first parts of the body to show the signs of aging. It is the largest organ and is vital for protecting the body from damage and injury. While average skin care products provide temporary relief for some skin conditions, they rarely work as well as expected and frequently lack long-term anti-aging benefits.

Connective tissues within the body help to hold it in place. As the body matures, the connective tissues weaken. Collagen and elastin, connective proteins loose their function and cause the skin to be less firm. Environmental factors such as pollution and activities that lead to overexposure from UV light can also cause the skin to become less healthy and visibly damaged. Nathan Halsey found that aging begins at the cellular level and formulated Bellatorra ingredients to treat the signs of aging beneath the surface.

As the skin grows more fragile with time, signs of aging such as wrinkles, lines, thin skin, dark spots, and sagging begins to show. The skins ability to repair itself slows down, scars last longer, the complexion dulls, and wrinkles begin to set deeper. After researching and discovering the benefits of nutraceuticals, vitamins, and supplements in aging skin, Nathan Halsey revealed timing is everything. He developed Bellatorra skin care with this in mind. Innovating the Patent Pending Torra48 delivery system, he found a way to deliver nutrients deep into the skin layers to promote cell turnover.

Long-term Anti-Aging Benefits Time-Released

The skin is a phenomenal organ with fantastic healing power. Using the skin’s rhythm, Torra48 introduces key anti-aging ingredients into the cells at an appropriate rate. Torra48 is found inside of the Bellatorra Uplifting Activating Mist, Cellular Renewal Complex Moisturizer, and the Anti-Aging Eye Cream. Natural ingredients are encapsulated within a bellasphere complex, a nanosphere technology innovated by Nathan Halsey. The ultra-microscopic size of the bellasphere enables the ingredients contained within it to absorb into the skin more efficiently. The ingredients are slowly broken down over the course of 48-hours, achieving maximum absorption up to 24 hours after the first application of the product and then sustained. This technology not only treats the signs of aging but reverses them and combats the stressors that cause them to appear.

Olucanza, Malacella, Phydrasoya…bellasphere complexes, time-released beauty

The natural ingredients found inside of the Olucanza bellasphere complex, Malacella bellasphere complex, and Phydrasoya bellasphere complex do not just provide a treatment for aging skin, but they also provide long-term anti-aging benefits for the increased vitality of the cells.

Check out some of the long-term benefits found in Bellatorra’s exquisite collection.

Cellular Renewal Complex Moisturizer with Olucanza Bellasphere Complex

prevent environmental damage

prevents the formation of melanin

increased vitality of dermal and epidermal stem cells

stimulates collagen synthesis

Anti-Aging Eye Cream with Phydrasoya Bellasphere Complex

stimulates collagen

anti-inflammatory power

increased vitality of dermal cells

firms and reduces puffiness and dark circles

Uplifting Activating Mist with Malacella Bellasphere Complex

promotes cell regeneration

increases vitality of epidermal stem cells

protects longevity of the cells

combats chronological aging

by Jane Ambrose

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