Advanced Skin Renewal

Advanced Skin Renewal from Bellatorra

Advanced Skin RenewalUncover advanced skin renewal with Bellatorra Skin Care, a luxury anti-aging collection formulated to rejuvenate your skin and help you restore a youthful appearance. Invasive surgical procedures are no longer the only option for achieving younger skin. Recent discoveries by Nathan Halsey, CEO of Bellatorra have revealed a new approach to combating and reversing the signs of aging skin. Bellatorra delivers advanced skin care science, time-released, and perfectly formulated to deliver breathtaking results.

From the development lab to luxurious skin, Bellatorra’s Nathan Halsey innovated a complete system designed with potent ingredients, perfectly concentrated and delivered with precise timing. Advanced skin care no longer means having to sit through painful dermal injections, experience the side effects of abrasive peels, or endure risky surgery. Bellatorra is time-released perfection that provides optimum beauty benefits that are more than just skin deep.

Combining raw ingredients and advanced techniques, Nathan Halsey created Torra48, a 48-hour time-released delivery system and the bellasphere complex, a signature concentration of potent ingredients encapsulated in a nansophere technology. The Bellatorra Uplifting Activating Mist, Cellular Renewal Complex, and the Anti-Aging Eye Cream, contain the 48-hour delivery system and bellasphere complexes. The Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser, is the only product that does not offer the Torra48 delivery system due to the fact that it is formulated to be removed immediately after use.

Inside Advanced Skin Renewal Olucanza & Malacella

Finding a moisturizer that will not only soften the skin but offer added benefits can be difficult. Bellatorra introduces the Cellular Renewal Complex, an Advanced Moisturizer formulated to provide multi-dimensional effects. The moisturizer is formulated with the Olucanza bellasphere complex, a pairing of Vitamin C, Zinc PCA, Olive Leaf Extract and Prickly Pear Extract. The ingredients are delivered into the deepest layers of the skin through Torra48. The Olucanza bellasphere complex penetrates the skin and helps to combat the signs of aging at the cellular level. Lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin are approached with a unique method that released the ingredients slowly over time. As the ingredients are released, cellular turnover is improved, free-radicals are blocked, and collagen production is increased. The ingredients within the Olucanza bellasphere complex also inhibit the production of melanin in the skin that causes age spots, firms the skin, and combats future damage.

The Uplifting Activating Mist is a targeted treatment introduced by Bellatorra that works well with the Cellular Renewal Complex Moisturizer. The Uplifting Activating Mist with Malacella bellaspheres, is a spectacular natural alternative to Botox. While Botox provides temporary results, the Uplifting Activating Mist provides long-term benefits. Ingredients formulated within the Malacella bellasphere complex detoxify the skin, promote healing, relax the facial muscles, and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Due to the softening and hydrating effects of the ingredients found in Olucanza, as well as the Acmella oleracea and Malachite extract in Malacella can penetrate the skin efficiently for the greatest benefit.

Beauty science has introduced advanced skin renewal and Bellatorra is leading with groundbreaking innovation. Delivering Paraben-free, natural alternatives to anti-aging, the luxury collection approaches skin care from the inside where the signs of aging begin. This is great news for anyone experiencing premature aging or for those with mature skin who are looking to restore a healthier look with lasting benefits.

by Jane Ambrose

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