The Benefits of Torra48 by Bellatorra Skin Care

Bellatorra Luxury Skin Care Time-Released

BellatorraBellatorra is the only luxury skin care system available that offers Torra48, an innovation developed by company CEO, Nathan Halsey. The complete line of anti-aging products provides the opportunity to achieve younger looking skin with a collection of select ingredients formulated to nourish and enrich the skin from within. Torra48 is time-released skin perfection, designed to work in harmony with the skin’s natural rhythm to produce remarkable results.

Nathan Halsey initially introduced Bellatorra with three out of four products containing the Torra48 48-hour delivery system. The Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Cellular Renewal Complex, and Uplifting Activating Mist all contained unique formulas, blended together to deliver a combination of natural ingredients paired with vitamins deep into the skin’s layers. The benefits of Torra48 can be experienced instantly transforming the skin’s texture, while offering long-term results.

The company, extended its Torra48 product offering with the release of the Cellular Renewal Serum, a targeted treatment enriched with botanical and plant stem cells. The serum, formulated with Hibiscus Bellasphere, is designed to improve the skin’s firmness and texture, while restoring elasticity. The powerful formula promotes cell regeneration, increases moisture, and stimulates the production of collagen and Hyaluronic acid. The multi-dimensional Cellular Renewal Serum has been formulated by Nathan Halsey to work alongside the Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Cellular Renewal Complex, Cellular Renewal Cream, and Uplifting Mist.

Bellatorra Torra48, Time-Released Benefits

To better understand the benefits of Torra48, it is important to note the power of nanotechnology in modern skin care science. In the past, ingredient molecules were far too large to be fully absorbed into the layers of the skin. Because of this, users often found themselves either dissatisfied with the results for waiting a very long time to see any desired changes. With the development of Bellatorra and Torra48, Nathan Halsey has taken anti-aging skin care to the next level.

Bellatorra is formulated to target the causes of aging skin that develop well beneath the surface. The products have also been formulated to prevent future damage by reversing the effects of accelerated aging. Torra48, is time-released, distributing active ingredients into the layers of the skin over the course of 48-hours. The ingredients are delivered from within a bellasphere capsule. The size of the bellasphere enables key ingredients to penetrate the skin efficiently.

If you have ever applied a skin care product and ended up with burning or irritated skin; your skin has become too reactive. By slowly releasing the ingredients from the bellasphere, Nathan found that the skin is less reactive and able to enjoy the benefits of a well-formulated product for a longer period of time. The delivery system works with the body’s natural clock so, the ingredients promote cellular rejuvenation when the body is healing, and visible results all throughout the day.

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  • Teri

    I just tried the Torra48 48-hour uplifting mist. I use it mainly for the wrinkles above my lip. It is the ONLY thing I have found that works! I’m not interested in botox or surgery, but this mist diminishes the look of lines above my lip by (I’d guess) 80%. It lasts all day. It smells great. It’s expensive. It’s worth it!

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