The Benefits of Bellatorra Time-Released Skin Care System


Bellatorra Introduces Advanced Skin Care Technology

Bellatorra_Time_ReleasedWarding off the signs of aging is much easier now than it was in the past. Skin care technology has evolved in such a way that many people can enjoy the benefits of beautiful skin just as celebrities do. While expensive treatments are not necessarily a thing of the past, there are now options available to improve the look of the skin at a fraction of the cost. Bellatorra introduced the benefits of time-released skin care with its luxury line, developed by CEO Nathan Halsey.

If you have ever shopped drug store aisles in the health and beauty section or visited your favorite department store, you will certainly understand how difficult it is to find a product that works. Whether you are looking to get rid of unwanted wrinkles, if skin discoloration is taking its toll on your confidence, or if sagging skin and deep lines are making you look worn out, products often promise unbelievable results yet fail to deliver. The reason why many products do not deliver as promised is because they are not formulated to treat the causes of aging skin at the root.

Nathan Halsey, with the development of Bellatorra, found that there are many factors influencing the process of aging skin, both internal and external. He formulated Bellatorra’s exquisite line to consider the long-term benefits of nutrient-rich skin care. Bellatorra offers time-released skin care, delivered in just the right amount of time necessary for the skin to receive powerful ingredients.

Bellatorra Torra48 Time-Released Innovation

Torra48, is the time-released innovation introduced by Nathan Halsey. The 48-hour delivery system is found in 4 of Bellatorra’s skin care products. The advanced system breaks down key active ingredients that are encapsulated inside of a nansophere technology known as the bellasphere. Once broken down, the ingredients are delivered into the deepest layers of the skin, slowly being released over the course of 48-hours in time with the skin’s natural cycle.

The benefits of time-released skin care technology are immeasurable considering that key ingredients responsible for promoting cell turnover are distributed to provide a long-lasting treatment while also targeting the causes of aging at the source. On of the greatest benefits of time-released technology is that the system enables the skin receive the benefits of potent ingredients without becoming reactive therefore, issues such as redness, inflammation, and irritation are significantly reduced.

Cellular Renewal Complex with Olucanza and Uplifting Mist with Malacella

Time-released skin care treatments can be found in the Bellatorra Cellular Renewal Complex which includes the Olucanza bellasphere complex and the Uplifting Mist with the Malacella bellasphere complex. In the case of both products, perfectly formulated ingredients are delivered into the skin cells to promote cell turnover, restore the skin, and prevent damage. Olucanza, which also includes Vitamin C, Zinc PCA, Olive Leaf Extract, and Prickly Pear, is actually able to prevent the formation of Melanin in the skin to slow down the appearance of age spots. Malachite extract, and Acmella Oleracea found inside of the Malacella bellasphere complex firms, uplifts, and detoxes the skin, blocking out free radical damage and stimulating cell turnover. Both Olucanza and Malacella are uniquely formulated to deliver targeted treatments while offering multi-dimensional effects.


by Jane Ambrose

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