skin-care-for-50-year-oldAround age 50, many factors contribute to the changing appearance of the skin. Skin care for 50 year old women requires some additional treatments outside of cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection. After 50 years old, several changes happen within the body including the loss of Collagen and hormonal changes such as the loss of estrogen. As the body undergoes its natural aging process, the skin will be one of the first organs affected. The skin may become thinner as oil production and Collagen production decreases, it may lose its elasticity, and reveal wrinkles or fine lines, sometimes both.

Skin care 50 year old women and slowing down the signs of aging.

Even if your skin has started to show the signs of aging, you can still retain your youthfulness with the right skin care routine. Women are not only affected by the signs of aging, men are too and proper skin care can be equally as helpful at this age. Skin care for 50 year old people should address the causes of aging from within.

Aging skin begins deep within the epidermis. Free-radicals that permeate the body are capable of causing damage to the cells. Damaged cells are not able to be repaired as quickly and therefore the body does not heal as fast. As a result, inflammation may occur, oxygen may not be able to flow properly through the body, and the blood may experience decreased circulation. Hyperpigmentation such as dark spots and age spots may occur when the skin is exposed to UV light. Since the skin’s repair functions slow, the skin discoloration may be more difficult to even out.

People 50 and older may slow down the signs of aging with a few simple tips.  Women and even men can truly help to improve the resilience and appearance of the skin while delivering added benefits. Here are some suggestions to improve the effects of skin care for 50 year old individuals:

  • Treat lines and wrinkles with a targeted formula. Well-formulated ingredients designed for the most delicate areas of the skin are most efficient when treating lines and wrinkles. Consider natural products, that are lightweight, and do not leave a residue. Apply targeted treatments every evening before bed and daily as needed.
  • Exfoliate. Exfoliate the skin regularly to remove old skin cells. Removing dead cells will increase cell-turnover and improve the radiance of the skin.
  • Lift and firm. Apply a lifting serum daily to keep your skin looking firm. Sagging around the neck and chin may case you to look much older and repetitive expressions may lead to frown lines around the mouth and forehead.
  • Maintain proper hydration. Assist the skin with retaining moisture by staying well hydrated throughout the day. Not only should you drink a sufficient amount of water to keep the body functioning, you should also keep the skin hydrated with a topical moisturizer daily.

by jason smith

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