A Guide to  Skin Care for 60-Year Old Women

skin care 60 year oldEvery milestone brings its own share of excitement and turning 60 is no exception. Some women embrace their 60s with just as much vivaciousness as they did in their 40s and 50s however, there is a downside to aging; it is simply unavoidable. The  skin in particular undergoes a significant amount of change as it matures. While many of these changes begin decades earlier and hope for beautiful skin may seem like a thing of the past, our guide to skin care for 60-year old women will help you along the path to gorgeous skin.

Once a woman reaches her 60s, lines and wrinkles that began to appear in the later 40s and early 50s will be joined by additional skin issues in terms of aging. As the skin matures, it may sag, lines will become deeper, and wrinkles will grow pronounced. Skin that has endured frequent exposure to Ultraviolet light will show signs of damage to include: age spots, hyperpigmented patches, and dry patches. This guide to skin care for 60-year old women will cover prestige products developed by Bellatorra CEO Nathan Halsey. The products have been formulated to treat a multitude of skin care concerns affecting mature women.

Skin care for 60-year old women, simple ways to rejuvenate.

Guarding the skin against UV damage with SPF protection should be a daily activity. In addition to applying a sunscreen, cleansing, exfoliating regularly, and moisturizing the skin day and night will help to reduce the signs of aging while also preventing further damage. Nathan Halsey developed a complete collection formulated with effective ingredients designed to rejuvenate the skin daily.

Skin care for 60-year old women requires some of the same steps that you may have used earlier on in life, but with a few additional treatments.  Cleansing the skin daily is necessary to purify the skin. Removing dirt, debris, and dead skin cells will immediately brighten your appearance and deliver a clean canvas. The Bellatorra Exfoliation Facial Cleanser developed by Nathan Halsey is a citrus-infused formula concentrated with purifying botanicals that refine the skin. The product includes AHAs and antioxidants which are must have ingredients for anti-aging skin care routines.

Since the skin loses elasticity due to the decrease of collagen production, unwanted sagging may occur. If sagging skin around the face is a concern, the Uplifting Mist by Bellatorra is an ideal solution and Botox alternative. The Uplifting Mist combats daily stress, protects the skin from free-radical damage and the unique combination of ingredients inside of the signature Malacella Bellaspheres reduce muscle tension and wrinkles.

As the skin matures, 60-year olds may experience uneven tone and hyperpigmentation. Using a combination of plant stem cells and the time-released technology known as the Olucanza Bellaspheres, the Bellatorra Cellular Renewal Complex reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles while also correcting uneven tone. The multi-dimensional formula is a great solution for maturing skin as it increases the skin’s repair functions.

Having great skin can be a reality even if you have reached your 60s. Women all over are looking even younger than anyone could ever imagine because of the latest advances in skin care science. Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing the skin are just a few steps to brighter, beautiful skin. Mature skin requires sufficient protection from UV-rays daily and targeted treatments formulated to address the areas of the face and neck most affected by the natural aging process.

by Jane Ambrose

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