48-hour delivery system

Nathan Halsey innovates 48-hour delivery system

48-hour delivery systemNathan Halsey Dallas Anti-Aging Researcher introduced the answer to younger looking skin with the development of Bellatorra, a luxury anti-aging skin care collection. There are many different anti-aging brands out there that promise to deliver amazing results, but they often fall short for one reason or another. What makes Bellatorra different is its formula and 48-hour delivery system.

After over 5 years of research and development, Nathan Halsey Dallas Anti-Aging Researcher discovered that potent ingredients, when time-released are capable of delivering unprecedented results in terms of the skin’s cellular activity. Nathan found that timing is everything in the quest to achieve youthful skin. Nathan innovated the Torra48 Advanced Delivery System, exclusively available through Bellatorra.

The benefits of a 48-hour delivery system, keys to anti-aging

Bellatorra is a complete anti-aging skin care system that is formulated to target the main causes of rapid aging. Some of the signs of pre-mature aging including fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and a dull complexion. Over time, these signs worsen, but if treated early their progress can be decelerated to a great extent.

Nathan Halsey Dallas Anti-Aging Researcher combined powerful ingredients into a nanotechnology to create the 48-hour delivery system Torra48. Nanotechnology is a method used create the smallest molecule, non-visible to the eye. The molecule is small enough to penetrate the skin more efficiently. Often, skin care ingredients whether anti-aging or for personal care, do just enough to coat the skin without fully penetrating the layers. Without sufficient penetration, the ingredients may take too long to offer any real benefits and in some cases, offer little to no benefits at all.

Through its distribution of active ingredients, the 48-hour delivery system is developed to deliver optimal benefits. Active ingredients are released slowly over a period of 48-hours and sustained 24-hours after the initial application. The ingredients are delivered in harmony with the skin’s natural 2-phase rhythm. Torra48 reaches peak potency and sustains when the cycle repeats itself. The ingredients work day and night to give you the results that you desire.

by Jane Ambrose

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