Bellatorra Advanced Delivery System

Younger Skin with Bellatorra’s Advanced Delivery System

Every anti-aging skin care product offers its own unique formula. Nathan Halsey Dallas Skin Care Researcher has taken anti-aging to the next level. Introducing an advanced delivery system, Nathan Halsey and his team of researchers and scientists have discovered a way to achieve younger looking skin in the perfect amount of time. Regardless of your age or skin type, the delivery system will help to rejuvenate the skin cells, causing them to act younger.

As body matures, and the skin ages, the cells do not work as fast as they used to. What this fact means for anti-aging is that when the skin is damaged, it takes much longer to heal. Growing older also brings about some other changes that impact the skin such as loss of Collagen and Elastin. The body needs these two proteins to hold everything in place. As Collagen and Elastin production slow down, some of the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin may occur. Aging is simply a natural process that everyone must go through no matter how long they desire to hold on to the fountain of youth. The great news is that Bellatorra’s advanced delivery system, developed by Nathan Halsey Dallas Skin Care Researcher targets all of the signs of aging as well as their source to prevent future damage.

After 5 years of research, Nathan Halsey revealed a ground-breaking discovery which is now the cornerstone of Bellatorra. Torra48, Torra48 is the 48-hour advanced delivery system responsible for increasing cell-turnover and helping you achieve beautiful, younger looking skin.

Torra48 Bellatorra’s Advanced Delivery System

Some skin care products claim to deliver treatment for 24-hours, but Torra48 delivers key ingredients, slowly into the skin cells for 48-hours. What makes Torra48 different than any other time-released technology is that 24-hours after the initial application, the ingredients reach their maximum absorption, however they are sustained as the skin cycle repeats itself. The skin receives ongoing nourishment from the ingredients found inside of Bellatorra’s time-released products.

Nathan Halsey, Dallas Skin Care Researcher furthered his ground-breaking development using nanotechnology. Using particles that are too small to be seen with the human eye, Nathan created the Bellaspheres Complex. The Bellaspheres contain a combination of potent natural ingredients including vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and fruit and plant extracts. The ingredients are slowly broken down and delivered into the skin cells.

In order for the skin to receive maximum benefit, it must be able to accept key active ingredients. The ingredients must be able to penetrate the skin efficiently without causing irritation. Due to the amount of time that it takes for the ingredients to be absorbed, the skin is less reactive, which is excellent for individuals with sensitive skin.


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