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Luxury anti aging skin care

Bellatorra skin care was conceived out of a lifelong passion for health and wellness. This inspired an unrelenting pursuit of nutritional actives that would support peak performance. Working in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, exercise physiologists and chemists, we created a range of performance enhancing nutritional formulations and supplements to power peak physical performance.

product-line-800-webWhat began as a research and development lab for the creation of high performance, highly- effective nutraceuticals and supplements has grown into a range of intensive luxury anti-aging skin care formulations that target the root causes of damaged skin; counteracting the effects of environmental stressors and internal triggers that lead to accelerated skin aging.

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Torra48 Patent Pending Advanced Delivery System was created after five years of intensive R&D and is at the heart of the Bellatorra skincare formulations. Using nanotechnology, this unique microscopic encapsulation and delivery system assures that active ingredients are time-released over a 48-hour period to deliver optimal benefit


Our Executive Team

Nathan Halsey CEO Bellatorra

Nathan Halsey serves as the CEO for Bellatorra Skin Care LLC, where he is responsible for implementing the Company’s growth and long term plans >Read More

Jason Smith Bellatorra Skin Care

Jason Smith serves as the Executive Vice President for Bellatorra Skin Care LLC where he is responsible for R&D, design, marketing and short term plans. >Read More