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The Benefits of Torra48 by Bellatorra Skin Care

Bellatorra Luxury Skin Care Time-Released Bellatorra is the only luxury skin care system available that offers Torra48, an innovation developed by company CEO, Nathan Halsey. The complete line of anti-aging products provides the opportunity to achieve younger looking skin with a collection of select ingredients formulated to nourish and enrich the skin from within. Torra48 […]

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Exploring the Dermal and Epidermal Layers of The Skin

Targeting the Dermal and Epidermal Layers of the Skin The skin, the largest organ of the human body contains 3 main layers with additional layers in between. The outermost layer of the skin is the epidermis which also contains five layers within. The next primary layer is known as the dermis, or the middle layer […]

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Bellatorra Fruit Extracts and Skin Care Benefits

Bellatorra Fruit Extracts, Discovering the Skin Care Benefits Fruit extracts have become a powerful force in skin care and rejuvenation. Extracts, which are raw materials pulled from a fruit, plant, flower, or nuts offer not only delicious smelling products such as shampoo and conditioner but, they provide many benefits when it comes to caring for […]