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Built-in Bluetooth System

The Bellatorra Sleep Mask has a built-in bluetooth audio system that is designed for Bellabeats, but can play any auido from your phone or smart device. The system is wireless, so you can sleep in any position without impacting comfort or the system's performance.

So Soft

"I honestly was really surprised how soft the mask was on my face."

Complete Light Blocker

"This is the best mask I have used for completely blocking out light."

So Comfortable

"So much more comfortable than trying to sleep with earbuds."

Adjustable Hidden Speakers

The speakers are uniquely designed to be concealed behind soft padding without effecting the audio quality. They can also be removed to allow for machine washing of the mask.

Costs Less Than Coffee

With a three month supply of sleep support included, your daily cost is less than a Grande Coffee.

Extra Bottle Included

For a limited time we are including two (2) bottles of the Sleep Support, which should last you 90 days.

Buy Now Pay Later

We now offer interest-free shopping, pay as you use the product with 4 installment payments.