Crocus chyrsanthus bulb Extract

Crocus chrysanthus bulb extractThe Crocus chrysanthus flowering plant is a member of the Crocus genus family from the Iridacea family. The award-winning plant is native to Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. Out of the 30 different species of crocuses cultivated, the Crocus chrysanthus is one of the most sought after variety. The Giant Dutch Crocus is a species that rivals the chrysanthus however, the Crocus chrysanthus produces more flowers per bulb than its counterpart.

Also known as the “snow crocus” or “golden crocus”, the plant consists of brightly-colored flower petals that are shaped like bowls. The crocus flowers bloom in the late winter and early spring between February and March. The petals can often be seen looking out through the snow and this is how they obtained the name “snow crocus”

Crocus chrysanthus cultivars include the plant and subspecies hybrids that blend together a wide variety of colors including yellow and blue, yellow and purple, white, and bronze, white and purple, as well as several other hybrid variations.

The stunning flowering plant has been found to be a powerful ingredient in anti-aging science. Research indicates that Crocus chyrsanthus bulb extract responsible for facilitating communication between the cells, enabling them to be rejuvenated. The plant extract has been found to guide existing cells, instructing them to function like new cells.