DextranDextran is a glucan compound that is used in skin care products. Comprised of polysaccharide and glucose, its medicinal purposes include acting as an antithrombotic, reducing blood viscosity. A polysaccharide is a system of polymeric carbohydrate molecules comprised of long chains bound by sugar molecules. The ingredient has been found to deliver water-binding activity for the skin as well as several other benefits.

Louis Pasteur discovered Dextran as an antimicrobial product. Antimicrobials kill microorganisms and inhibit their growth. The glucan, which also has been used to reduce blood thickness, was listed by the World Health Organization as a Model Essential Medicine, a list of medicines that are considered to be necessary for basic health systems.

In healthcare, Dextran has many different uses. In surgery, the compound is used to reduce vascular thrombosis. It is also used for binding platelets. Dextran has also been used in eye drops, IV solutions, for binding, and to prevent oxidation in mental nanoparticles. In addition, the glucan is utilized as a microcarrier. A microcarrier is defined as a support matrix that permits the growth of adherent cells.

In skin care products, Dextran may be used as a brightening agent, anti-inflammatory, and smoothing agent. The commonly-used ingredient functions to  firm the skin, promote radiance, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.