Populus Tremuloides

Populus Tremuloides (Aspen) Bark Extract

Rich in salicylates,effective treatment for acne. Antimicrobial activity acts a natural preservative. It is also an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant.

Populus Tremuloides Aspen Bark ExtractPopulus Tremuloides Bark Extract is the extract derived from the bark of the Aspen tree.  It is rich in salicylates (salicin), a naturally occurring plant based derivative of salicylic acid, which operates as an immune defense for plants protecting against harmful insects, bacterium, and plant diseases. The Aspen tree sprouts abundantly from one seed yielding colonies of the species which require sunlight to flourish. The roots of the Aspen, sprouting far below the ground’s surface, enable new colonies to grow even after destruction by forest fire.

Considered a natural preservative, the extract is sometimes used alternatively over potentially harmful preservatives such as parabens. Aspen bark has been found to extend the shelf life of personal care products due to its high antimicrobial properties. Salicin offers both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and this extract often used for the treatment of acne.

Aspen Bark is rich in tannins (polyphenolic compound), a natural astringent found effective for the treatment of frost bite. Tannins have the ability to speed the healing process reducing the risk of gangrene.  Tannin properties have also been found beneficial in skin care to help refine pores of the skin and as protection against skin cell damage due to the antioxidant effects of tannin. Delivering exfoliant properties, tannins perform to remove dead and damaged skin cells.

This ingredients also has conditioning properties which aid a smooth feel to the skin as well.