Sucrose Palmitate

Sucrose PalmitateSucrose Palmitate, a fatty acid compound is a skin conditioning agent and surfactant. The compound belongs to a group of Sucrose fatty acid esters. The blend may be found in products such as cosmetics and personal care products for the bath, body, and hair. The ingredient functions as a skin conditioning agent, smoothing and softening the skin. It is also capable of keeping to ingredients separated while allowing them to spread on the skin.

Sucrose is derived from sugar cane and the sugar beet. Fatty acids found in Sucrose Palmitate may be found in vegetable oils, palm or coconut oils, and oils that are found in leafy vegetables and nuts. Sucrose Palmitate has a wide range of applications in skin care and beauty, the ingredient is biodegradable, edible, and neutral in odor and taste.

Products that utilize Sucrose Palmitate are likely to provide users with the benefits of added moisture. When spread on the skin, the ingredients create a protective barrier against environmental stressors while enabling key actives to penetrate the epidermis. In some skin care products, the ingredients function to exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells to reveal new ones while reducing the appearance of blemishes and dark spots.