Perfect Timing. Perfect Skin.

Timing is everything. Our 48 hour Advanced Delivery System carries powerful ingredients deep into the skin, where they are most effective.


The Technology:

Our proprietary, Torra48 fortyeight hour Advanced Delivery System was created after five years of intensive research and development and is at the heart of the Bellatorra skincare formulations.

Using Nanotechnology, this unique microscopic encapsulation and delivery system assures that active ingredients are time-released over a 48 hour period to deliver optimal benefits.


The Formulations

The Bellatorra skincare system targets the primary causes of accelerated aging in the body that are reflected in skin as uneven skin tone, loss of firmness, lines, wrinkles and heightened sensitivity with perfectly paired blends of botanicals, vitamins, minerals and plant stem cells delivered sequentially to the deepest layers of the skin.

What Powers Our Products

We boast proven efficacy on the raw ingredients used in our formulations and incorporate a balanced selection of active ingredients, from classic elements and innovative, high-tech ingredients and delivery systems for maximum effectiveness.

Perfect Pairings

Purified, active ingredients that mirror the hydrolipidic structure of skin are concentrated into specialized, biocompatible nanospheres that target multiple causes of skin aging at their source. We call these Bellaspheres.

Perfect Timing

Day to night, Bellaspheres containing our perfectly paired ingredient complexes, begin their targeted journey to the source of skin aging in a two-phase cycle that syncs with skin’s natural rhythm. From first application and over the course of the first 24 hours maximum absorption is achieved.

Peak potency is then sustained when the cycle is repeated. Sustained release assures the highest concentrations are maintained for optimal skin benefit.