Tremella Fuciformis Sorocarp Extract

Tremella Fuciformis SorocarpThe Tremella Fuciformis Sorocarp Extract is derived from the tremella fuciformis which is a species of fungus belonging to the Tremella Genus also known as the Silver Ear mushroom from China. The fungus is comprised of 5 sugar units and contains a polymer molecular structure. The fungi are often cultivated and used for cuisine and medicinal purposes. In the past, Yang Guifei a beauty legend of China was said to have used the mushroom to soften and smooth the skin.

In skin care products, the ingredient has been found to help the skin retain moisture while preventing the breakdown of micro-blood vessels. As a result, Tremella Fuciformis Sorocarp Extract reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The Tremella Fuciformis Sorocarp is an acidic hetero-polysacchaaride that has been used since ancient times to beautify the skin. In addition to its moisturizing characteristics, the extract has been found to provide antioxidant activity. Research indicates that the Tremella Fuciformis has shown increased viscosity in formulas, allowing ingredients to spread with ease while retaining water and helping act as a barrier for the skin

Further studies suggest that the mushroom may deliver similar benefits as hyaluronic acid and may be an ideal natural alternative. The Tremella demonstrates strong water binding capabilities and can retain a greater capacity when compared to hyaluronic acid.