XylitylglucosideXylitylglucoside is a naturally occurring ingredient that comes from the sugars located in wheat. The compound aids the body by moistening and redistributing skin cells by enhancing a person’s skin’s dermal water reservoirs along with their skin barrier ability. Xylitylglucoside’s naturally occurring sugar composite aids in encouraging the body to generate Hyaluronic acid within their skin. Hyaluronic is naturally occurring within the skin as well but can be bought over the counter. It can aid in the treatment of bed sores, skin ulcers, and burns when placed on an individual’s skin.

Additionally Xylitylglucoside can treat a person’s knee pain if it is injected into his or her bloodstream. What makes the ingredient so helpful to an individual and what makes it so popular in the beauty community is its ability to help produce more Hyaluronic acid. This helps by appending supplementary moisture and flexibility to an individual’s skin. As a result, that person’s skin looks a lot more level, smooth, and well fleshed. Similar to Tripeptide-1, it is commonly found in many cosmetic ingredients. A lot of beauty products want to increase customers’ ability to stay hydrated, which Xylitylglucoside does. Xylitylglucoside helps with making the skin more hydrated and willing to accept moisture.