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Instant and Visible Wrinkle Reduction After 5 Minutes and 28 Days

In only 5 minutes, reduced primary wrinkle by -25.6% compared to placebo, even on mature skin.

Over 90% of volunteers reacted rapidly to the lifting affects, with over 83% maintaining the affects after 28 day trial period.

Brightening and Whitening Efficacy

In just 28 days, volunteers showed visible improvement in the quality of their complexion: 18.5 times in skin lightness and +273% increase of the luminess index.

After 56 days the results were even better with a significant increase of the ITA value of +10.1%.

Anti-Dark Spot Action

1% Bright Oleoactif is effective in reducing the appearance of dark spots.

Visible signs of color reductions were observed after 56 days.